Giveaway of your custom scent made by abdessalaam attar. Instructions for participating

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  1. Profumo


    1.) Go to my page for custom perfumes and read attentively the text that explain how to choose your ingredients.
    Keep in mind that this is a “Soul Fragrance”, not a concept perfume. Choose only scents that you are familiar with and love. Scents that relate to your unique life experience through the emotional memories tied with the odours that have accompanied you since birth.

    2.) select in the check boxes seven notes in total from any category except from the category “Rare essences”.

    3.) Complete the filling of the form. In the number 6 box (6. Make comments, give your skype for contact ecc...) write your nick of Basenotes

    4.) Click on “add to cart”. Do not go ahead with ordering, the system will send me your form when you click this button.

    5.) At last, in order to double check and confirm that you participate in the draw, write some comments about your perfume in this thread. I shall post an answer to confirm the reception of your custom perfume form.
  2. Le vagabond
    Le vagabond
    Thanks Profumo, it was fun choosing
  3. Nasenmann
    I just submitted "Satyr" - it's meant to be the sketch of a racy fragrance. One that merges the primal with the elegant.
  4. Lellabelle
    Thank you, Salaam, for this generous offer! Choosing the scents was like looking through a photo album, sifting through different memories and experiences. It brought many memories of childhood, family, friends, home and travel. My notes seem to all link to memories that uplift. I chose the name Awakening, as it seems fitting for where I am in my own journey. Thank you, and blessings to you.

    The notes I chose were: narcissus, tuberose, frankincense as the main accord, supported by cistus, myrtle, oakmoss and castoreum
  5. MrsDalloway
    What fun - thank you for the draw! I went for bergamot, broom, narcissus, nutmeg, coffee, rosewood and hay. I'm not sure how that would work in perfume terms but they're smells I love with a lot of associations.
  6. hoschhti
    Thank you Profumo for this opportunity!

    I chose Mint, Laurel, Vetiver, Patchouli, Frankincense, Oakmoss, Castoreum.

    The name of my perfume would be "Autour de la Lune".
  7. Profumo
    In have received the forms from the four of you.
  8. Asha
    This is such a lovely gesture, and wow, it was difficult for me to choose favorite notes! I selected items that are a dream perfume. The selection is: Turkish Rose, Sandalwood (Aus), Frankincense, Benzoin and Galbanum. The top three are rose / sandalwood / frankincense. Name is "Marian".
  9. cazaubon
    I forgot to enter my basenotes user name so I filled the form out twice - fragrance name is Vendée Globe. Thanks for the generous drawing!
  10. Asha
    Oh, I think I did too--thanks for the heads up cazaubon!
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