Dunhill Burgundy (1980)

  1. Louie The Lilac
    Louie The Lilac
    Nowhere to be found. And I mean NOWHERE!

    Anyone have any info on this apparently non-existent Vintage Cologne, please?

  2. Nares Hughes
    Nares Hughes
    I got a bottle off Ebay yesterday. I'm obviously dubious as it's a splash, and also clueless as I too can't find a review of it anywhere, just recollections of what it was like when the posters were younger. So, if this is real (bottle and box look genuine with no barcode or Green dot; a dot above the 'i'; batch no. checks out as 1980 or 90), the closest to a comparison with another frag for me would be Eucris EDP. I have these two now on either hand and to my admittedly novice nose, the Burgundy smell more mossy if that's possible. (Note: I've decanted some into an atomiser).
    Basenote lists:
    Top Notes - Blackberry
    Heart Notes - Geranium, Labdanum
    Base notes - Amber, Resins, Incense, Woods
    - so is it labdanum and incense giving a fizzy, almost sneeezy vibe? I don't know, as I say I'm a novice. Eucris has blackcurrant at top compared to Burgundy's blackberry so I can see a potential similarity there. I can also imagine I detect a geranium note too. It also reminds me vaguely of the dry down of a first vintage gold lid Lauder for Men I have.
    I am though amazed at it's longevity for an aftershave, not beastmode obviously but it keeps going. On the box it has 83 with a small 'Degree' 'o' against it, not %. I'm not sure if this indicates volume/strength.
    So overall, it's possible I've been sold something else, but why rip someone off for less than 20? It smells good and lasts a while so I'm happy. Nevertheless I'd love to know if this admittedly rubbish description chimes with anybody else's memories or experience with this scent.
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