1. Akahina
    It would be nice if upon joining you would introduce yourself. I will start.

    I am Ed. OK, my name is Earl. I actually use both names, the result of an attempt to reinvent myself after 30 years of marriage to my best friend and soul mate, or so I thought. 'Nuf said. I am a native Oregonian, nearly retirement age, of small stature and have a nose for scents that challenge and excite my senses. My wardrobe is almost completely up to date and lists 169. I might have missed one or two. I seriously do not need anything more but I keep searching for the holy grail.

    Amouage is my favorite house.
  2. Nehima
    Hello, I'm Tara and I've lived in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and daughter for about two years after moving from Iowa. I've loved fragrance half my life, but have been seeking more knowledge and exploring fragrance for the last one year. Some day it might be fun to make a couple. I am still in my experimenting phase, so right now I am loaded up with samples and am always seeking out more. My favorites houses currently are Guerlain and Atelier Cologne.
  3. butchXqueen
    Hello! I'm Chad, and I'm from Seattle. Doesn't seem to be a Seattle group on here, so I thought I'd join in this group. I'm 35, engaged, and hoping to launch my own perfume line within the next couple months. I spend a lot of time in Portland, and visit Fumerie as often as I can.
    I can't say for sure what my favorite house(s) would be, but lately my favorite scents have been of the classic masculine, and extremely animalic, almost unpleasant varieties. Zoologist and Etat Libre d'Orange have both provided in both areas.
  4. ShortRibs
    Hello all, I'm Jo and live in PDX. I've been into fragrances for a long time but just starting to explore/collect. Would love to have some sort of local sample swap meetup so I can get rid of some samples that weren't for me and smell more things without dealing with shipping, so if anyone knows of anything please let me know!
  5. Hazel5
    Dear Portlandians,
    May I join even though I only visit a lot. And I LOVE The Dandy Warhols, Slumberhouse, and UP. And food trucks. Always food trucks.
  6. rhino
    Greetings, I'm Sheila and I'm in Portland. My interests are natural perfumes and vintage perfumes. I'm particularly interested in evaluating vintage fragrances to understand how they used natural notes. To that end, I've created a group on meetup. I'd love to meet and sample or just get together to discuss perfume.

    My favorite houses are Caron & Jean Patou.
  7. Lellabelle
    Hello, another visitor here who’d love to join your group. I’m a fairly regular visitor to Fumerie and to Portland - it’s a great city!

    Have been into fragrance since childhood, and grew up with the classics. I’m really picky about quality, but love scents from every genre. I’m also a (somewhat shy) amateur perfumer, and love to make custom blends. I keep promising to buy less and and make more, but somehow keep finding myself in the path of beautiful temptation!

    Great to meet everyone!
  8. ScentMemory
    Hi, I'm Ian. I've lived in Portland for 11 years now. My lifelong love of scents turned into a full-blown obsession about six years ago. I gravitate towards more natural-smelling fragrances with earthy and spicy notes. I'm pretty picky and love variety, which means I own lots of samples and decants but relatively few full bottles.
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