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  1. Maleuser
    Having gotten my latest fragrance and loving my latest Amouage, (Figment) I am very excited and looking forward to picking up my next. Beach Hut. Roll on next week.
  2. harun4224571d
    i have Reflection Man and Jubilation25 samples on their way right now. Just sampled Ciel Man and Beloved Man. LOVE beloved man. Ciel man, not bad but not for me.
  3. LatinNote
    Hey Maleuser, what is the strongest note you detected in Figment?
    Btw, I am happy to join this group as I am a BIG fan of Amouage- my favorite house. So far, I own Interlude Man and Jubilation XXV Man. I'm considering going for Journey. I'm aiming to try out a sample of the newest, Portrayal, whenever it's available.
  4. BerchRabbit
    Just got my first bottle of Journey (blind buy) and I absolutely love it. Lyric on the way now!
  5. BerchRabbit
    @LatinNote did you end up getting Journey?
  6. jal123
    hi very new to all this. Love amouage, I own interlude, reflection,epic and sunshine man. Sampled most of them.
    To me, fate and figment are the most challenging. Love portrayal man,although to me very similar to Fahrenheit by Dior. So my next Amouage purchase will either be beach hut , jubilation 25 or memoir man.
  7. LatinNote
    @BerchRabbit yeah I bought Journey and am really enjoying it! A great buy!
  8. LatinNote
    Welcome jal123! Sorry, late welcome!
    I really enjoy Portrayal Man also and bought a full bottle about a couple of weeks ago. I think it's great for spring time.
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