New project?

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  1. Profumo
    We are nearly 500 on this group.
    If I were to start a new project on the group like in the old days, how many are tuned? How many are interested?
    Just answer yes or something, so that I can understand if the group is working as a pergume project platform, despite the impossibility for me to send a message to all members.
  2. HORNS
    I would absolutely be interested.
  3. hoschhti
    Maybe it would be better to start a new thread or use my existing thread for a new project as Diamondflame suggested. Or make an announcement on my thread that people should have a look on the Profumo Friends Club again. I think since the last project is long ago people have stopped to look here or just check irregularly like I do.
  4. bshell
    I am interested.
  5. Coralc
    me too! I learnt so much from participating in the last project, I love it!!!
  6. cazaubon
    I am still interested!
    Love to know more about it all.
  8. Diamondflame
    I’m still around so I’m in. But of the near 500 how many are still active on Basenotes? And how many still check in here regularly?
  9. Lellabelle
    Yes! I’m definitely interested in a new project.
  10. Le vagabond
    Le vagabond
    I'm interested
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