What are the pro's of using a day planner over an electronic device ?

  1. Surfacing

    The other day a work mate mentioned that I "always write things down" in my day planner. He told me that he just "remembers" things ( I would say he just forgets and does not do things). Honestly, I would be kind of lost without writing things down....whether it be things to do, or appointments or future items.

    And yet, I don't have an electronic device. I guess IPad or Blackberry or whatever are one of their forms. I don't know too much about them to be honest. I just feel that using my thumb to tap a bunch of buttons quickly would be annoying. Its not like a spead out keyboard.

    I'm sure there are other reasons. Day planners are cheaper and that money should be going to fragrances and sampling....etc. Laziness is anothers Seemingly annoying SA's at electronic shops are there. Theres some more too.
  2. Surfacing

    I also don't want to be always looking at a "screen". Thats a reason why I would also not want to read electronic books. I'm not against electronics. I'm on BN's, I use computers all the time. I listen to music....etc.

    Thanks for reading my post
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