The Disappearing Man

  1. brightgood
    This is what I call The Disappearing Man.

    10 parts Fahrenheit
    10 parts Club De Nuit Intense Man (I tried it with Aventus, but I think CDNIM works better)
    3 parts Aqua Amara

    So, off the top it is interesting but a bit chaotic. As it dries down I can pick out the gasoline and leather accords. But the Aqua Amara does something odd. It mixes with the other juices and produces a sort of fresh cut lumber accord. So there is this gasoline, leather jacket, and fresh cut lumber that all remind me of my dad. He and I used to ride motorcycles together. And he also used to make shelves and stuff at home out of boards and plywood.

    When I spray this on my arm those accords all seem to linger and I keep checking it because it is such an interesting thing to smell. The scent is thick and even a little grimy, so go easy on the application. But over time those accords that I associate with my dad disappear. My dad died of cancer in 1983, so he also disappeared. But even though the grimy star accords go away, there is an amazing fougere in the wake that is left as a reminder of the man who disappeared. That fougere lasts for many hours and has a pleasing presence.

    Try it and tell me what you think.
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