Terre d'Hermes (2006)

  1. odysseusm
    It might seem like a bit of a stretch to consider Terre d'Hermes as a Conehead scent. It has no conifers. But it does have vetiver and cedarwood in the base notes. And, I propose that the distinctive flint note of TdH has a bright, bracing quality which could gladden the heart of a Conehead enthusiast -- this one, anyway. I welcome discussion on this aspect. Opens with excellent citrus notes. They quickly are replaced by the mineral-flint note of TdH which is its beating heart. The grapefruit and flint combination is brilliant and works well together. Very dry pepper notes add to the cool yet oddly warm quality. The patchouli is restrained and adds a light brown tang. Grassy vetiver emerges in the base, set in a woody frame.
    Top Notes: Grapefruit, Orange
    Heart Notes: Gunflint, Flint, Peppers, Pink peppercorn, Geranium leaves, Patchouli, Baies rose
    Base notes: Atlas cedarwood, Vetiver, Gum benzoin
  2. MonkeyBars
    The flint accord (geosmin) is great, as always. And the combination of grapefruit, cedar, and powerful vetiver fractionation is iconic! But a nutty accord always ruined the trip for me. Perhaps it's from the benzoin or something.

    I prefer Byredo's take on this concept, Fantastic Man / Sunday Cologne (although it is a bit overbearing/aggressively opaque, so go light on the trigger...)
  3. PrinceRF
    It's not particularly coniferous, but it does have some great woody and vetiver aspects as you mentioned. I am definitely a fan!
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