Sélection Verte by Creed (1970)

  1. odysseusm
    Hard to find -- I got my decant from a reputable supplier. Very fresh and green. The mint is certainly assertive, but it is on the herbal side rather than the toothpaste. Fairly substantial in weight. A bit of a soapy quality at times. The mint brightens, as would a coniferous note. The ambergris gives a rich, slightly exotic note to the dry-down.
    Top Notes; Neroli, Citrus notes, Pepper
    Heart Notes; Peppermint, Herb notes
    Base notes; Ambergris
  2. odysseusm
    Time to bust out a cool scent during the heat wave. The peppermint is very refreshing. With the herbal notes, this reminds me a lot of Jacques Fath Green Water. A beautiful neroli note develops and lasts for a good period.
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