Natural preservatives (antioxidant) and solubilizers

  1. Olē
    Hi, I am relatively new to this, and I have noticed that particular components of the scent such as limonene seem to degrade quickly, especially when mixed with water. I am making a body spray with about 35% water and I want to keep it natural to the greatest extent possible. I am looking for antioxidant options and I am interested to know if anyone knows of a source of rosemary antioxidant without added vegetable oils so that it will be alcohol soluble. It seems that I found a vitamin E that works, but I am open to any suggestions of sources or ingredients. Some ideas are green tea antioxidants developed to keep fats in food from oxidation or Grapefruit Seed Extract used in soapmaking to preserve fats or even maybe 1-8 cineole could be an antioxidant? Just looking for effective ideas and sources of these antioxidants. For example I don't know where to find a suitable green tea or Rosemary antioxidant. Also looking to solve the issue of cloudiness which eventually leads to some separation and occasionally even sprayer clogging. Filtering (with washed coffee filters) seems to degrade the scent. Maybe I'm using the wrong filters, and I haven't found a good natural solubilizer that is sufficiently mild so I'm currently stuck with a cloudy solution
    and I need the water content to keep it gentle on the skin since it's a body spray. Suggestions?
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