Grapefruit by Jo Malone London (1992)

  1. odysseusm
    This may not appear to be a Conehead candidate, but it does contain rosemary which can deliver a nice coniferous note. This has an accurate rendition of yellow grapefruit. It is brisk and refreshing. It renders both the juice and also the pith for a slightly bitter note which is pleasing. There is a faint herbal note which I attribute to the rosemary. As well, there is a slightly dusky and soapy note which probably is the moss. This is an inoffensive, pleasant-smelling scent. Sits close to the skin. Coneheads might wear it if they want a break from the forest.
    Here are the notes according to BN
    Top Note: Grapefruit
    Heart Note: Rosemary
    Base note: Moss

    One reviewer gave a fuller list
    Top notes = grapefruit, tangerine
    Heart notes = rosemary, mint, paprika, jasmine
    Base notes = vetiver, patchouli, oakmoss
    Some have noted jasmine here. I don't find it, but I am willing to be persuaded.
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