Spain and Portugal Basenoters

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  1. JaimeB
    U. S.-born child of Spanish parents from A Coruña. Spanish and Gallego, fillo da terriña.
  2. BrothaG
    Not exactly a Spaniard (although I have some Spanish family) - but a lover and avid student of the language. ¡Viva España!
  3. Basteri
    JaimeB, I live in la coruña, I just read yours parents are from here, that is nice.
    Un saludo
  4. Algharb
    Ola todos!

    Espero qué todos sean cojonudos!

    Saludo, Amigos,

    Algharb (José Pereira)
  5. Algharb
    Hi, Madridbatabi!

    Just to thank you for the creation of this Group and to ask you a favor:
    - Since we Portuguese and Spanish are two different independent and honorable European Countries, please correct the capital letter in "Group for Spain and portuguese basenoters" to "Group for Spain and Portuguese basenoters", OK? Thanks a lot! Un cordial saludo,
    (José Pereira) Algharb
  6. Torvo
    Qué gusto da escribir en español: sólo mi cuenta corriente es peor que mi inglés.

    What a pleasure writting in Spanish!: only my bank account is worse than my english... (or something like that)
  7. madridbatabidd
    Aqui un gallego emigrante, que ahora vive en bangkok, auqnue normalmente está asentado en Madrid.
    Que gusto poder escribir en español
  8. madridbatabidd
    chico no se como rectificar el nombre
  9. ddorris
    I had a question for any of the basenoters in spain, as well as portugal if it applies. I hope this isn't off limits in here and if it is I appologize in advance. In addition to enjoying fragrances I also enjoy fine cigars. My brother was recently in spain and was generous enough to take the time to procure and mail me some nice cuban cigars. Due to spain's intimate connection to cuba spain is the best place in the world, outside cuba, to buy cuban cigars. The company that distributes cuban cigars, Habanos SA, has registered retailers of cuban cigars in spain which are the best places for buying cuban cigars. So I was wondering if any of the basenoters in spain would be willing to take the time to find a registered Habanos SA dealer, procure the cigars and mail them to me in the US, in exchange for some sort of compensation of course. Again, If this is off limits in here I appologize. Thanks for your time.

  10. Torvo
    La lluvia en Sevilla es una pura maravilla (the rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain)

    Hoy es un día pre-navideño pero aquí en Sevilla puedo ver desde mi ventana como los naranjos tienen azahar, es una extraña combinación: adornos navideños + sol + azahar(orange flower)...

    Me voy a la calle.
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