Free Samples?

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  1. TakeThatter123
    Hi. I'm new to BN and also the world of fragrances. I love sampling fragrances and as you are fellow samplers i wondered if you would know where you can order samples for free to preferably in the UK?

  2. easykiller
    Floris and Trumper are very generous.
  3. matildaben
    Any US suggestions?
  4. JubliantUvula
  5. The_Drake
    Try Annick Goutal. I asked them if sell samples and they sent me 6-7 for free. To Norway!
  6. Seathinks
    I`m also new in a world of perfume but already tried some samples of really good brands when i was in states this summer, but now i moved to Russia and looking for any chance to continue sampling and collecting what i really love. Could anyone say if it`s possible to get any samples for free to Russia?
  7. BriGuy
    +1 for Sephora. Neiman Marcus was generous with some samples as well. Macy's has samples but I haven't been overly successful in getting many from them. Just have to play the game. Seem thoroughly interested. Question the SA and share your opinions. If they ask you to try it on your skin, tell them you're wearing something already but would LOVE a sample to try tomorrow!
  8. hoschhti
    Some brands are very generous with samples. Just write a mail to the company whose perfumes you would like to test. Some will deny your request, others like Chanel, Knize etc. are very friendly and send you samples for free - at least they did in Germany. But the smaller and more "niche" the company is, the harder it will be to get free samples.
  9. Tazmere21
    As far as purchasing samples does anyone know how many can you buy from one store
  10. Sago Palm
    Sago Palm
    I've never purchased samples from a brick and mortar store, but there are many online stores that sell samples. The Perfumed Court, Surrender to Chance, LuckyScent, etc. And as far as I know, there's no limit
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