S. F. Bay Area Basenoters

  1. JaimeB
    Ran into a fellow Basenoter today at Barneys for the Fabrice Penot/Le Labo show. Hi, Marc! We should get organized, and descend en masse to terrorize the SAs at the fragrance counters around town! Or, like, whatever!
  2. Aiona
    I no longer live in the Bay Area, but I still have some good friends in the area whom I visit. Also, since my relatives live in California, visiting them is one of the few times I am in a place where I can purchase and sample unusual scents.
  3. Heartwood
    I'm down in the south bay, but get up to the city pretty regularly. Even made a side trip to Saks earlier this year when they were the only ones with John Varvatos for women-- "Hi! Sorry we're late, but there's this new perfume I had to try..."
  4. Hoos
    Glad to see a SF Bay group. Hi, all!
  5. Aiona
    I'm going to be in California at the end of the month, and possibly visiting a bunch of old friends in the Bay Area. Is there a good place to sample Serge Lutens (someplace easily accessible by BART because I may be taking Amtrak). (Public transport in the Bay Area is so awesome.)
  6. Hoos
    Aiona -

    The Barney's store I mentioned in the PMs we exchanged (along with Neiman Marcus, Macy's, and Saks Fifth Avenue) are all very near BART's Powell Street Station in SF. They're all around Union Square.

    Also close by are a Ross and a Marshall's on Market Street (you can occasionally find a surprise there) near the same station. There's a Loehmann's on Sutter Street (a few blocks from Union Square) that usually has quite a varied selection and the occasional surprise (Bulgari Black, Burberry frags, etc.).
  7. Hoos
    Loehmann's has several bottles of two of Annick Goutal:

    Eau d'Hadrien and
    Gardenia Passion

    50ml bottles for $49.99 - they're on the small racks across from the checkout counter.
  8. ltaraleigh
    Hi all,

    I'm new to the group and BN. Joined a couple of weeks ago...now I am obsessed! I'm in Marin. I went to NM about two weeks ago and thought the SA's were VERY stingy with samples. On the other hand, I was swamped by 5 SA's. Maybe it's the economy?
  9. eMCizzle
    It's been awhile, folks! Just thought I'd resurrect this thread and see if anyone is still out here in the bay area? I could use a few friends to talk fragrances with and/or shop with.

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