How to replicate Balenciaga PH with layering

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  1. shamu1
    I've just about given up my endless search for a bottle of Balenciaga Pour Homme (I was a moron to throw out my 3.4 five years ago). However, I'm a happy guy because I've discovered a way to very closely replicate (to my nose at least) the smell of Balenciaga Pour Homme by layering (by 1:1 ratio) Lapidus PH and Bijan Men. Goes like this:

    Lapidus Pour Homme - 1 spray
    Bijan Men - 1 spray

    Lapidus has a drydown very similar to Balenciaga PH. Bijan has harsh top and middle notes that are similar to those of Balenciaga PH, plus Bijan's strength cancels out the annoying "pineapple" note in the Lapidus. The two blend together beautifully and create a scent VERY similar to Balenciaga PH. Plus, both Bijan and Lapidus have similar dark patchouli/moss base accords.

    Try this out, and tell me whether I'm correct or out of my mind.

    Disclaimer: I haven't smelled Balenciaga PH in about 5 years, so I'm going on my memory of what I remember it smelling like.
  2. seasoldiermarine
    Shamu, I was in a drug store earlier today and they had a little 1 oz Bijan and I bought it remembering what you said about layering this one with Lapidus, well I have Lapidus so I tried it the way you prescribed. Shamu, you're a Genius, this is about 3/4 of a replica of Balenciaga. the drydown is close due to the dark mossy base.
  3. shamu1
    Glad to hear that someone else actually tried this out and got the same impression, Sea! I don't know how long it was between your spraying on the Bijan at the store and the time you sprayed on the Lapidus at home, but I'll bet if you sprayed on both at the same time you'd find the resemblance even more striking.

    Actually, I'm so pleased with the way these two scents blend, I don't feel as much urgency now to score a bottle of the Balenciaga.
  4. seasoldiermarine
    Good for you Shamu, actually I sprayed at home. I'm sure I smelled exactly what you did
  5. SillageMonger
    I plan to try this in the coming 10 days or so (at home). Since I have no idea what Balenciaga PH smells like, I won't be able to comment on that. A question for you guys.......and that is, which should I spray on first: Lapidus PH or Bijan??? I'm quite looking forward to this little experiment!
  6. shamu1
    I spray on Lapidus, then Bijan, Sillage. I use a 1:1 ratio now.

    These are two brutally strong scents, so if you find it too much, just a spray of each in your palm, rub together and spead the stuff around.
  7. PawelL
    Lapidus features pineapple , you're saying? Sounds like my kind of frag. ;-)
  8. ruffin
    Just wonders on shamu1 experiment that Bijan & lapidus when layering got replica of Balenciaga smell..interesting if this experience can replicate other smell for unavailable powerhouse in current market...

    Shamu u r mastermind in revolution of powerhouse era
  9. shamu1
    Ruffin, unfortunately this is the only successful layering combination I've been able to come up with. I've tried so many other combinations, and most of them end up smelling sour and disgusting. I am not particularly good at this. I actually figured this one out by accident. Luckily it happened to replicate one of my all time favorite powerscents.
  10. SillageMonger
    Well, Shamu......I finally got around to layering Lapidus PH and Bijan for Men this evening, and although I have never smelled Balenciaga pour Homme, the result was fantastic. If Balenciaga PH smelled anything similar to this layered combo, it must have been one of the very best powerhouses, ever! Since AromiE is familiar with Balenciaga PH, I would like to ask him how closely layering these two approximates the original. Either way, you really discovered an excellent layered hybrid here, Shamu!

    *** Any of you powerhouse enthusiasts who own both Lapidus pour Homme and Bijan for Men should try this experiment in layering. The outcome is quite nice!
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