Seeking Beta Testers for New Scent Creation App

  1. makingscents
    Hi Perfume Makers!!
    I just created an app for ios (Android soon to come...) and I'm looking for some Beta testers to give me feedback!

    I'm Rob - I am 34 and have gotten really passionate about scent creation in the last year, but have gotten a little frustrated at the lack of tools to help log and keep track of creations. And anything I find tends to be clunky and not very attractive.

    So I made "Making Scents"!

    I hope you like it and I'm looking for any and all feedback!!

    Here's the link to signup if you like:

    Thanks so much in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.
  2. xylia1225
    I'm interested but I have Android. Can you post an update here when you're beta testing the Android version?
  3. phillystax
    I'm interested in this. I've just started looking into making my own fragrances and, like you, am also frustrated at how little info is out there. I think this could be a great tool. Can't wait to try it out.

  4. jfreddd
    OK, got to the point of installing verified Krasholytiks, whatever. Erm, app? Do I have to wait for an email from y'all so I can get The App?
    Thanks In Advance...
    im also interested in this
    if you can send an apple download link that would be appreciated, like the test pilot app or apple store
  6. Rustic Connemara
    Rustic Connemara
    Is this still available?
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