Cape Heartache by Imaginary Authors (2013)

  1. odysseusm
    Top - Douglas fir, Pine resin
    Mid - Western hemlock, strawberry
    Base - Vanilla leaf, woody notes described as "Old-growth forest, Mountain fog"

    I like this, it is a wonderfully woody scent. Unlike other BN reviewers, I don't really get the strawberry note. Or the vanilla, for that matter. And I am hyper-sensitive to vanilla so that indicates how subtle the mix is.
    Here's what I do get.
    A very good opening, with lovely resinous and coniferous notes. Dry, woody, calming and energizing at the same time. The scent is in the Slumberhouse style (another Portland OR niche house) but a bit more accessible. Beautiful, simple, focused. The scent develops a bit of sweetness but not problematic in my opinion. Much of the sweetness comes from a balsamic note -- to be expected in a woody scent. Great longevity, the slightly sweet balsamic note lasts for many hours.

    If you like woody scents, then you need to give this a try.
  2. Scent Detective
    Scent Detective
    My initial review of Cape Heartache has also changed dramatically. I've worn it a few times lately, and I've learned something as I'm becoming more a student of fragrance. I've learned that you must let the nose decide with regards to a fragrance, not your mind. Initially, I felt that there was too much strawberry in this fragrance in the dry down. I've now decided as I've worn it several more times, that my mind caught hold of the word strawberry in the listed notes, and superimposed that image into my assessment. I've not smelled any strawberry now, as I've completely let my nose do the talking so to speak. :-) The sweetness is very coniferous and enjoyable and seems to me now to come from the fir and pine resins.'s funny, but I'm going to try harder to let my nose rule, rather than let my mind get in the way when it comes to fragrance. Cape Heartache is a win for sure...
  3. awayalonealong
    Thanks for the good words, Gentleman. I will not put Heartache on my sample list!
  4. jamiemark
    I enjoyed this fragrance quite a bit when I owned it (I later developed MCS and had to sell off all of my colognes, I can only use all natural stuff now). The strawberry was very prominent from what I can recall. Very unique fragrance.
  5. Trilby Lark
    Trilby Lark
    At long last, I finally got around to sampling Cape Heartache. It's very bright and pleasant and has strong projection. The strawberry note is quite dominant and gives the fragrance its uniqueness. I will probably not purchase a FB because I would most likely always reach for Fille en Aiguilles instead. Cape Heartache is a lighter, more accessible version of Fille en Aiguilles. Fille en Aiguille's more intense take on a pine forest is more to my taste.
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