Orcas by Ayala Moriel (2011)

  1. odysseusm
    This is excellent. It is dry, herbal, invigorating and wears very well.
    Starts with a very green lime and fresh ginger-root chord. Quickly overtaken by a powerful herbal melange, a bit reminiscent of the Slumberhouse style. The herbs (primarily rosemary and seaweed) give a bracing, salty-marine and coniferous blend that is very satisfying. Hints of silvery violet leaf reoccur. Substantial yet translucent. Everything is in a zen-like balance -- the scent is well crafted. Woody notes from the cedar appear in the early dry-down. There is a very intriguing, faint fishy note (from the ambergris). It suggests a very fresh salmon sashimi! Iodine/medicinal note, probably either from the seaweed or the vetiver. The final dry-down is cool and refreshing, like the strong breeze on a coastal cliff.
    An intriguing, original scent.
    Conehead comment -- this is not a highly coniferous scent. Those notes are a small feature of the overall style. However, the scent is really very good, a "marine" or oceanic sort of scent which is completely natural, and very pleasant to wear.
  2. odysseusm
    Notes according to Ayala's site:
    Ambergris, Angelica Root, Haitian Vetiver, Blue Spruce Absolute, Cedarmoss, Virginia Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Cypress, Rosemary, Seaweed, Violet Leaf, Egyptian Geranium, Ginger, Lime
  3. MonkeyBars
    Seaweed definitely gives a semi-fishy effect, especially in combination with vetiver and ambergris I can imagine it would be amplified!
  4. awayalonealong
    AM did exactly what she set out to do: Paint an olfactory picture of orcas seen from a forested hillside in the Northwest. (I see that it was a 2012 Indie FiFi Award Nominee. Bravo!) And you explain the evolution very well, Ody, much better than I could hope to do. I think I got a sample from AM and I'm glad to have it. It's another illustration of her style. Alas, I have trouble getting past the fish and salt. But that's my problem, not Orcas's.
  5. odysseusm
    Thanks for your respective comments, guys. They help me see the variations in taste which are one of the very interesting aspects of scent assessment.
    We can agree on the constituent elements, yet they will strike us differently.
  6. odysseusm
    Time to revisit this complex, west-coast, artisan scent.
  7. odysseusm
    This is complex and has distinct stages.
    1. Ginger - lime, a bit spicy and quite crisp.
    2. Immediately becomes a very green, herbaceous scent. Hint of minty rosemary, and the clary sage is a bit like celery leaf. Not much conifer.
    3. The cedar moss phase gives it a powerful, dark green, almost creosote or rubber quality. Dark and piercing.
    4. Very earthy, root-like vetiver.
    5. Early dry-down is quite marine. A salty, seaweed breeze, laden with iodine. Pleasant and evocative of a walk on a beach.
    6. Later dry-down is a pretty, purple-silver violet note.
    Unisex in style.
    PS - I wrote the above without looking at my earlier review. Interesting to see that I pick out the same elements, this time in slightly different order.
  8. odysseusm
    I remember this as being an excellent scent, though not as conifer-prominent as I would wish. I will try it tomorrow, and particularly have the Conehead radar checking for the Blue Spruce, Cypress and Rosemary.
  9. odysseusm
    Very green, herbal, mossy and aromatic. A definite sea-side tang going on here. Intriguing. Salmon sashimi, as I said previously.
    Well balanced and very different.
  10. odysseusm
    Aromatic, green, mossy, dry. It has a tangy, iodine note. Hints of conifer and driftwood. Smells like the forest near the beach in Stanley Park, Vancouver.
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