Kiehl's Pour Homme Essence Oil (1987)

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  1. odysseusm
    I thought I'd start this thread because this scent isn't well known and yet is pretty good. Anyone else tried it?
    Fir needle, cistus, vetiver, patchouli
    I think this is a very nice scent, very “brown” in tone. The fir needles are well done and have good duration. The vetiver-patchouli notes give an earthy tinge, and the patchouli increases and becomes leathery (but not obnoxious). The labdanum gives a slight buttery note. This reminds me of Equipage. There is a great shower/bath liquid in this scent as well.
  2. shamu1
    This sounds right up my alley. I love patchouli scents, but one that contains a conifer AND patchouli sounds awesome! Is this an EDT (wondering why it's called an "oil") and does it come in a spray? How's the longevity?
  3. odysseusm
    This is just in a little roll-on applicator, 7 ml. Quite concentrated and since it is in oil rather than alcohol I don't think the terms EDT, etc. apply. Many hours longevity on me. Yes, I think the patchouli here is good, I'm not normally a fan but I like it here.
  4. shamu1
    I asked my wife to get me this for Christmas. I'll find out tomorrow if I've been good this year. I'll definitely chime in with my thoughts on this if I get it.
  5. shamu1
    I did get this for Christmas today, and I'm really impressed with this scent! First I'm amazed at how so little goes such a long way - a few rolls of the applicator on my throat and wrists gave me a good 10 hours of longevity. Very impressive. But most importantly, it smells great. I don't smell much similarity to Equipage, one of my all time favorite scents, as it smells much more spicy and woody to me than Equipage. To me, it smells almost identical to Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui's original formulation, only woodier and with more patchouli in the base. I can smell the coniferous wood notes in this, which last a long time and add more depth to this very dense fragrance. The scent is pretty linear, but well constructed. It's an excellent assertive, woody and spicy masculine, and one I look forward to wearing often.
  6. odysseusm
    Thought I'd add a note on the bath/shower liquid. It is an outstanding bath foam and would be a formidable shower liquid. It has a really great scent, replicating the notes of the oil. Together they are a wonderful combination.
  7. shamu1
    Well, you've persuaded me, ody. Time to whip out the credit card.
  8. shamu1
    +++++++double post
  9. Starsoflight
    I had wondered about some of the Kielh's scents. Wonder where we could go try this one out? It sounds nice.
  10. shamu1
    At least in the US, I think you're either stuck with having to find a Kiehl's store, which I think are only in major cities, or Nordstrom's and Neiman Marcus. I've only seen it in Kiehl's here in Boston, but I've heard that Nordstrom and Neiman's do sell it as well.

    It's actually not a bad "blind" buy if you like really strong, rugged macho scents, which this is IMO. A vial is only like $25, and it will last you a long time.
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