Alba di Seoul by Santa Maria Novella (2012)

  1. odysseusm
    Top Notes: Green notes, Crisp notes
    Middle Notes: Korean pine
    Base Notes: Wood

    I was disappointed in this. Given that it is from SMN (normally a House with substantial, interesting scents) and that it claims to have "Korean pine" notes, I had high expectations. However, major fail -- it doesn't really have any coniferous notes that I can detect.
    It starts with green notes which are pleasant, in a citrus-green but generic way. The scent low-key, light, refreshing and inoffensive. It settles into a light woody scent.
    Overall, it is a light wood, slightly "fresh" sort of scent. Not at all the sort of thing I'd expect from SMN.
  2. awayalonealong
    Your faint praise is damning, Ody, and duly noted. I think that those of us who love green accords--especially pine--are destined for many a disappointment. We would be better off were we to love rose or even ylang-ylang. That said, I can offer praise for Euphorium Brooklyn Wald and Rouge Bunny Rouge Sylvan. The former is very green, deep but not too dark; the latter gets deeper and softer over time, having entered the wood in late afternoon and walking on 'til dark. If the house, SMN, typically suggests interest and quality, what doth Rouge Bunny Rouge suggest? Certainly not a serious pine scent. But what's in a name? Having been more than pleasantly surprised with Sylvan, I shall continue to practice refrain from judgment.
    Another case in point: I had Sylvan on the left wrist and Marie Candide Gentile Barry Lyndon on my right wrist. The comparison was painful. While Sylvan went further into the wood, Barry Lyndon started at the periphery and broke into full sunshine, complete with sweet blossoms. I think this instance may serve as part of my "negative" definition of "perfume" : It's a problem for my nose when a frag gets sweeter on application.
  3. odysseusm
    Many good points! Glad to hear about the Brooklyn Wald scent, I just heard about it and wondered how it would be. One the one hand, the Conehead yearning for coniferous scents narrows the field -- that may be the most obscure and difficult note to find. On the other hand, having to sift through hundreds of rose scents, or thousands of white-flower scents, and then pick some, is also a challenge. A narrow field means that we can focus on quality and the appeal of the lone wolf. And yes, scents which get sweeter over time are painful.
  4. odysseusm
    Thought I'd revisit this scent and see if I like it any better. It is on the current SMN website. It is quite green, in a sporty golf way. The green notes and the crisp notes are there, somewhat dense. To my nose, this smells like a generic green outdoorsy scent from the 90's. Maybe a hint of wood in it. Nothing offensive, nothing remarkable.
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