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I just purchased 6ml of Rose Taifi, and as soon as my payment went through I recieved this:

"Your payment was successfully processed - thank you. The item(s) usually take 7-10 days to make and another 5-7 days for shipment. We will endeavor to keep you informed of progress."

So, a possible 17 days before it even ships even. Wow. Glad I bought just one item! I could have flown to U.A.E., purchased it and been back home in half the time.

I have always wondered whether they were legitimate. Then when they took advantage of the AMOUAGE Factory Mistake by doubling, even tripling all their prices for their (already shipped) original packaging ATTARS.

(above refers to the TEMPORARY slow down of AMOUAGE ATTAR accessibility in the US. They were supposed to all be here by now, BUT the bottles were leaking during overseas shipments, so they are being re-packaged in Oman. (I would suspect in the future they will come with a sealed 'normal' bottle that you then POUR into the Crystal square bottle) (information obtained from ParfumsRaffy who said that they were supposed to have them all a couple months ago until the problem was realized. That they would be in America as soon as the new run is done.

My bottle of Tribute certainly never leaked but I guess AMOUAGE would rather be safe than sorry.

At any rate it's very promising news! I always wondered why there were suddenly so many Attars but almost none had filtered into the American boutiques.

In the meantime I have also purchased some stuff from AgarScentsBazaar and while they do give VERY TINY Samples with purchase, they also ship quickly and you get what you pay for. I just recieved some authentic and un-adulterated Arabian Oud - 'Fairouz' from them and ordered a couple other Mukallats and Attars right away!