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I've been spending a bit of time on the 43things website. Basically you can enter your goals/to do things, and update them. Other people can "cheer" your goals and you can do the same for others. Half the pleasure is in scanning "zeitgeist" and seeing what everyone else wants to do. It was doing this that led me to a goal of doing 21 things in 21 days, the one I saw was for trying 21 different teas in 21 days.

So, you can imagine where this is leading - straight to my sample box.

Day 1 - Agent Provocateur EDP.
Actually, this is a lot nicer than I remember. It is reminding me of my La Perla, which met a premature end via evaporation. Grubby, but in a very ladylike way.

Day 2 - Agent Provocateur Strip
I'm still not loving the geranium note. Or even liking it.

Day 3 - Balenciaga Le Dix
Gosh this is pretty. Violets!

Day 4 - Bond No 9 - New Haarlem
When two different BN'rs send you the same unsolicited sample you have to be curious... I like this, and would love it in winter. I would definitely follow a man who was wearing it too... Thank you Libertine and UBU!

Day 5 - Bigarade Concentree from Editions de Parfum
It would be hugely convenient to prefer this one over the delicate and short-loved Cologne Bigarade. I don't, though. Normally I like a bit of cumin, but the larger concentrations of both citrus and cumin here put me in mind of a spicy marmalade. Still, I have a cold and this is doing a stirling job of lifting my spirits.

Day 6 - Lolita Lempicka
Gorgeous. Perfect grey day perfume. It's such a shame that Mr Hebe hates aniseed.

Day 7 - Miss Dior Cherie EDP
I've tried this a few times and never quite got it . This is lovely though, sweet and feminine and fun.

Day 8 - Givenchy Le De
Very pretty with a dryness from the incense, I think. This is a bit too dainty and fragile for me to carry off comfortably.

Day 9 - Miller Harris Le Petit Grain
A lovely easy cologne that sadly does not last on me.

Day 10 - Kenzo 7-15am in Bali
This all goes a bit big on me. Trouble in paradise. Thank you to UBU for the sample though!

Day 11 - Ormonde Jayne Osmanthus
Very pretty! Perfect on a hot August day.

Day 12 - Miller Harris Fleur de Bois and Angel
Didn't care for FdB, switched to Agent Angel which did a great job of obliterating all traces of FdB.

Day 13 - Mac Naked Honey
A lovely, easy honeyed floral.

Day 14 - Rose Kashmirie
Lovely powdery exotic rose. Lipstick Rose goes to Bollywood.

Day 15 - Teint de Neige
Pretty and very powdery! I don't think I need this whilst I have MyQueen, but the longevity can't be faulted.

Day 16 - Carnal Flower
I still love this, it is purely the cost that prevents me from buying a full bottle.

Day 17 - Kama by Farmacia SS Annunziata
Unremarkable to my nose.

Day 18 - Miller & Bertaux Green, green, green and green
I was surprised how much I liked this one. Fresh and long-lasting.

Day 19 - l'Eau d'hiver
One of my favourites. Hawthorne and caramel and frosty snugliness.

Day 20 - Annick Goutal Eau de Charlotte
This was delectable, a little sweet, a little green. Disappeared under an attack of hayfever but definitely one I'll try again.

Day 21 - Guerlain Plus que Jamais
Perfectly orchestrated, perfectly lovely.