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I'm currently having a love affair with Tom Ford Private Blends. Within the past three weeks I have managed to get my hands on: Noir de Noir 50ml, Black Violet 100ml, Tobacco Vanille 50ml and Neroli Portofino 50ml (birthdays are fun, aren't they!). Noir de Noir being my absolute favourite parfum in the entire world. It makes me buckle at the knees with sheer delight, shout out praises and sniff my wrists all day long.

The nearly opaque brown and gold bottle screams opulence and true, that is part of why I love the range so much. I adore beautiful packaging plus I am a very visually orientated person who appreciates good design. I'm a macabre lover at heart and this collection is filled with brooding sensuality.

[part of my collection, next to jo malone's 'pomegranate noir' 100ml, 30ml and auric blends]

I hope to add to that collection soon but it's terribly hard to find them in Australia. The 100ml goes for $390 alone which is absurd. While the selection is extremely limited online, I would much prefer to buy from there. Still not cheap (unfortunately) but I love this range with every fiber of my being. I hope to get my hands on another bottle of Noir de Noir but I've yet to find it anywhere online that ships internationally. One can hope and dream