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Hello basenoters. I've been researching fragrances to see if I can find anything that smells like plain old sunscreen or sunblock, like coppertone. It seems that the closest things that come to this are bobbi brown's 'beach' and bond no. 9's 'fire island.' I ordered a sample of beach today and will try it out soon. I don't think bond no 9 is what I'm looking for. 'beach' is marketed for women, but I don't understandhow the smell of sun lotion can be feminine. it is almost in the same vein as soap to me, just clean and bright. I am wondering what other scents smell like this and if any other 'dudes are into them like me. also, if anyone has smelled bobbi brown, I have heard that it smells like the "original" coppertone; not sure if that means it doesn't smell like the current stuff you can buy at the store? thoughts? suggestions? any guys wear 'beach?'