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Just got a bottle of this in yesterday.

Right out of the gate you get an extremely fresh, effervescent yuzu/lime combination. What I mean by effervescent its that it almost feels as if it's buzzing along the top at a high frequency, with little if anything beneath it. It's cold, clean, and rather sheer. This persists for a good 30 minutes or so, like one continuous, crisp, bright top-note, with total disregard for any kind of heart or base.

Gradually a light, frosted fruit-candy quality accompanies it and combines to create a soapiness that is sweet and cool. This accord becomes the heart of the fragrance. If you've ever smelled L'Humaniste, with its sweet, effervescent citrus top, I'd say this is kind of similar, but Transparent Blue is altogether lighter, more translucent, and less spicy. It's also somewhat centered around yuzu, which L'Humaniste lacks.

I need to spend more time with the base and late drydown before I can fully describe it, but I'll say that the base is not the focus here--the top and the heart are the stars of this fragrance. That said, they persist for a very long time, and eventually just fade away into the base. What I noticed in the final stages (before I fell asleep) was a light woods impression (crisp, sort of lacking any specific type of woods note) and a soft, white musk that sort of blended everything in to a quiet end.

Overall I'm very happy with this fragrance so far and think that if you're a fan of the clean/fresh/warm-weather genre you'll like this as well.

Projection is moderate and longevity is between 4 and 6 hours.

P.S. The atomizer is one of the best atomizers I've ever used.

Here are some pics of the "box" and bottle: