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    • In Between by Urban Scents

      by Darvant

      A super sharp metallic smoky piquancy. Another "chiaroscuro" musky Urban Scent-creation with a "fluidy" metropolitan damp aura, urban algebraic solitude, Spartan geometric elegance, echoes of silence and minimalism in a wide shady...More

    • Hibiscus Palm by Aerin

      by Wingie

      Hibiscus Palm is a big, gorgeous, creamy, tropical floral. I don't get frangipani, but I do get ylang ylang and what smells like tuberose, and just a hint of coconut in the base. The coconut isn't enough to make this a suntan lotion-type scent, if yo...More

    • Façonnable Eau de Toilette for Men / Façonnable by Façonnable

      by speedracer

      Soapy fresh and clean 90s scent. Starts off with lemony citrus and soapy florals. The drydown stays soapy but becomes less sweet and mintier green. Average projection and decent longevity. Never big or loud, lasts about 6-7 hours....More

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