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    • Armani Eau pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

      by Constantine

      Citrus Chypre this is and worthy cut price copy of Nicolai New York about 70% similar with good projection but slightly less longevity, I doubt I will buy another New York and will stick to the Intense which has a very smooth woody dry down. Well d...More

    • What I did on my Holidays by 4160 Tuesdays

      by gimmegreen

      Oh, bounce that beach ball, this is deffo a summer’s holiday with sea spray, an iced mint note that belongs, as others have noted, in a scoop of mint choc-chip ice cream and coconut served up sorbet style. Don’t sniff too close during the opening sta...More

    • Noorolain Taif by Thameen

      by gimmegreen

      Mild-mannered woody rose that some people claim is similar to Creed’s Royal Oud. I find that a bit of a stretch as the Creed’s charm is a result of understated precision engineering and an overall breeziness, whereas this is merely understated. Despi...More

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