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    • Vetiver Rosewood by Thymes

      by Redneck Perfumisto

      Her superpower Of suggestion of rose gold By the mere scent of Her Rosewood cologne Warmed mannish by Vetiver Cooled femmely by Musks Betrayed neither by Bottle accents in rose gold Nor by clear round glass Easily countered That naugh...More

    • Toujours Fidèle by Fragonard

      by speedracer

      I find Toujours Fidèle to be similar to Eros EdT and actually prefer it over the Versace. Toujours Fidèle smells more agreeable to me, less harsh, not quite as loud. It also doesn't last as long either but it has decent 5-6 hour longevity. I wou...More

    • Teatro Alla Scala by Krizia

      by aquila_2009

      This is what Gina Lollobrigida would probably smell like in her mink coat,showing up for opera at the Teatro Alla Scala in Milano, with a tuxedo clad accomplice at her side,smelling like the inside of a Lancia Thema that has been bathed in jasmine an...More

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