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    • Wild Strawberry & Parsley by Jo Malone

      by rbaker

      The opening is heavily tilted towards a nice blackcurrant. This fruit is quite bright and on the skin side; there is not much creaminess or sweetness to it. Soon a green characteristic is growing continually with time. I get some grassy sides,...More

    • Dominica Bay Rum Lime by California Antilles Trading

      by rogalal

      Nice, proper bay rum, but with a twist. It's that unmistakable mix of sugary bay tree oil and clove, made just a touch meaty with kitchen herbs (there may be oregano, basil, or something in here that's making me think of food). I think the kitchen h...More

    • Kiehl's Original Musk by Kiehl's

      by speedracer

      This review is for the oil, which I prefer after having tried the EDT as well. The opening is musky for sure but not as harsh as the EDT. The oil starts to soften quickly, becoming warm with honey and powdery sweet with plenty of rose. A bit femi...More

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