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    • Mercedes-Benz Club by Mercedes-Benz

      by speedracer

      Fruity, sweet, peppery opening that's very nice and pleasing. The further it dries down, it becomes drier and harsher as it really emphasizes the woods and pepper. Smells better in the air than up close on skin. Also, does not smell cheap but it do...More

    • John Varvatos Oud by John Varvatos

      by The Cologne Cabinet

      John Varvatos Oud EDP (sample) - If you are a fan of the Varvatos fragrance line then you will dig "Oud". Smooth and charming, this one comes right out of gate with the signature JV tobacco note mixed with some cinnamon, moving into a mi...More

    • Explosions d’Emotions : Haute Voltige by L'Artisan Parfumeur

      by rbaker

      The opening blast is grenade - a pomegranate to be precise. Soon a peony is added in, and after a few minutes the pomegranate retreats a bit, and a bright and restrained pepper is added in. These three Ps combine to a nice set of top notes. The d...More

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