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    • Apple Tabac by Pineward Perfumes

      by drseid

      Apple Tabac skips any detectable top notes on skin, moving directly to its highly linear heart progression. During the heart and continuing through the late dry-down the composition features a focal natural smelling slightly bright, fresh red apple,...More

    • Ambre Gris Eau de Parfum by Perris Monte Carlo

      by Zealot Crusader

      If you were looking for a spicy floral amber fragrance that paid homage to ambergris, then you are in the right place, but if you expected this stuff to contain or smell mostly of real ambergris, you had best turn around now. Perris Monte Carlo Amber...More

    • Voyageurs by Abbott

      by speedracer

      Airy, slightly bitter green florals. My least favorite from the Abbott line that I was able to sample from the Explorer Kit. Just doesn’t feel appealing for either gender but that’s just my personal preference. The bitterness is just the deal-breaker...More

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