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    • Armani Privé Figuier Eden by Giorgio Armani

      by speedracer

      I think the opening is excellent. It's a refreshing, vibrant fig leaf scent that really emphasizes the citrus and pepper. Once that settles down, it becomes just a nice, fig scent, reminiscent of a fruity hotel or spa scent. That's what it always re...More

    • Azzaro Pour Homme Ginger Lover by Azzaro

      by speedracer

      Fizzy ginger cola in the opening. Then it gets sexy and spicy as it dries down. The underlying sweetness is definitely nice. Really good in all phases, open to late drydown. Similar to YSL Ultime. Projection is average but longevity is very good...More

    • Azzaro Pour Homme Wild Mint by Azzaro

      by speedracer

      Opening smells like spearmint gum mixed with a modern, creamy blue freshie. More sweet than sharp. After the minty opening, it feels like it moves towards a fabric softener scent and less of the mint. The final stage is smooth, creamy (almost like c...More

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