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    • L'Homme Idéal Extrême by Guerlain

      by speedracer

      Starts off very much like the original Ideal, with familiar almonds, very sweet, but more powdery. The aromatic almonds always make me think of amaretto , so it has a boozy feel. Later I get cinnamon as the opening fades. At the tail end of the prog...More

    • Fougère L'Aube by Rogue Perfumery

      by epapsiou

      Stardate 20200815: Opens up as bitter-green and sweet floral. I don't smell any lavender here. Moves to sweet musk and rose. A very floral masculine. Givenchy did that successfully with Insense. This one may be better FBW and thumbs up...More

    • Journey Woman by Amouage

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      Jasmine almost smothers the apricot and osmanthus notes. Sometimes, they are barely there. I get something nutty, underneath... Jasmine turns almost boozy, with hints of honey. This, is one of the better jasmine scents I've smelled. It's a note ...More

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