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    • Eau d'Hadrien Eau de Toilette by Annick Goutal

      by Smell'dwell

      TLDR: Excellent (4/5). Among the very best citrus EdCs money can buy. JackTwist's review below gets it exactly right: citrus without too much sweetness. The dry grapefruit makes this scent something special. Great aldehydic pop and sparkle throu...More

    • Sculpture Homme by Nikos

      by Smell'dwell

      TLDR: Good (3.3/5) Unique and well blended sweet unisex fragrance with an affinity for warm evenings. Interesting bottle. When I saw this fragrance offered for a bit less than $10 on one of the discounter sites, I added it to an order because I ...More

    • Zara Emotions : Ebony Wood by Zara

      by speedracer

      Dark, sweet, cozy, and somewhat edible. A really pleasant surprise. It reminds me somewhat of Samba Skin Man, which is very close to Pure Havane, and also Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. If you took two of Zara's scents and combined them to make this one,...More

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