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    • Ellipse by Jacques Fath

      by aquila_2009

      The First Lady Gunfighter.she is frontier woman who is out for revenge in the wild west.she is looking to gun down to trio of varmints that raped her,murdered her husband,left her for dead and burnt down her home.she encounters bounty hunter,who kno...More

    • Verveine Agrumes / Citrus Verbena Summer by L'Occitane

      by Smell'dwell

      TLDR: Good (3/5). Bright citrus opening perfect for casual summertime fun. I grabbed an old weekend bag to head off for a weekend in New Orleans last night and found my bottle of Verveine Agrumes tucked into a pouch inside. So I am wearing it ag...More

    • Joop! Homme Absolute by Joop!

      by speedracer

      Has a sweet, spiced, dry wood opening. Reminds me a little of CH Men. The drydown is subdued in all aspects but then has a slight plasticky, hemp smell that I don't get in the louder opening. Decent projection during the first couple of hours and...More

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