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    • Costa Azzurra (new) by Tom Ford

      by Zealot Crusader

      Okay Tom Ford, I see you over there with the 50 pages worth of listed notes, but what is actually in Tom Ford Costa Azzurra (2021)? For starters, this is a retooling of the Private Blend iteration of Tom Ford Costa Azzura (2014) and re-release into t...More

    • La Panthère Noir Absolu by Cartier

      by Darvant

      A dark dusty gardenia infused in to a musky/resinous carnal fruity blanket with a final woody/smoky soul. Really a dark and sultry oriental appointed for the oriental (Middle Eastern) market waving out in a smoky mysterious way. This formula adds smo...More

    • Telluride by Abbott

      by speedracer

      Starts off with a green, mossy sandalwood scent that smells like it has bitter vetiver in the base. The sandalwood opening is very clean, almost like a dryer sheet, and reminds me of somewhat Guess Seductive Homme's drydown, but not as generic. The t...More

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