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    • New York for Gentlemen by Brooks Brothers

      by The_Cologneist

      Holy sh*t this is good! Maybe I wouldn't feel this way if this fragrance was super hyped. or maybe I wouldn't feel this way if I wasn't sick and tired of the modern garbage we've been getting. Maybe if I tried this around the time when it was release...More

    • Dior Homme Cologne (2013) by Christian Dior

      by clamnole

      Simple fragrance of citruses and musk that smells fantastic. Lasts a good 6+ hours on my skin, which suggests there's an aroma chemical in play but it isn't detected to my nose. The top is lemonade with a tart citric middle. The musk base is very...More

    • Tanglewood Bouquet by Crown Perfumery

      by PStoller

      Basenotes and Fragrantica have this as from 1932. Parfumo has it as 1927. Perfume Intelligence has both: from 1927 as "an edp with top notes of mo-lu-hwa [sic]*, ylang-ylang, chrysanthemum and peach, heart notes of spicy florals and heliotrope; ...More

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