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    • Honeysuckle by Avon

      by Zealot Crusader

      Avon began life in 1886 as the California Perfume Company, selling simple soliflores in their 3-piece "Little Dot Perfume" sets, so it makes perfect sense that they would continue with an array of various single flower or themed floral bouq...More

    • Dior Homme Eau de Toilette (2020 version) by Christian Dior

      by purecaramel

      This has been thoroughly reviewed so I won't wax lyrical. Enough to say this is, for me, another perfectly balanced elegant,smooth Patchouli. Demachy is back into my good books. I would have to say that if it wasn't for my large bottle of Pavarotti, ...More

    • Iris Nobile by Acqua di Parma

      by Mona Visa

      My review is for a carded sample of the EDT. Iris Nobile is like a garden experienced at a distance. The iris takes a back seat to the other flowers far too quickly, but overall it's a beautiful etched-in-air mirage. No soap, thankfully. The...More

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