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    • Murkwood by Pineward Perfumes

      by drseid

      Murkwood moves right past any detectable top notes on skin, shifting straight to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart, a dominant dark coniferous green fir accord takes the fore with a subtle black licorice and black current supporti...More

    • Dune by Christian Dior

      by Mona Visa

      This review is for the Esprit de Parfum concentration of Christian Dior's Dune. I'm at a loss to describe it. It's glorious. I wish I were better at identifying notes and layers. It's not floral, it's not sweet, it's not light. It's not pheromo...More

    • Essence Musk by Ferrari

      by speedracer

      Clean, light, and fruity opening. Reminds me of the scent of nice hair products. As it dries down, the clean musk is still most prominent but a salty, light cedarwood starts to show up in the middle. That light, airy cedar stays to the end, suggestin...More

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