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    • Bogart by Jacques Bogart

      by Smell'dwell

      TLDR: Very Good (3.65/5). A classy classic fougere. On my left back-of-hand is this fragrance. On my right is Jacomo di Jacomo. I am trying both tonight to decide which I'll wear tomorrow. I love these old school scents on cooler spring days. ...More

    • Jacomo de Jacomo Original by Jacomo

      by Smell'dwell

      TLDR: Good (3.25/5). Smoke, cloves & dry flowers. So much of its time that it seems cutting edge and niche now. Brooks Otterlake's review mentions clove cigarettes. Exactly! I remember when Indonesian clove cigarettes came into style at th...More

    • Pulp by Byredo

      by The_Cologneist

      To my nose, this smells like a more fruity, and more tropical version of Byerley by PdM. As Pulp dries down into the mid I am met with a fantastic black currant note that one would never expect in the mid of any fragrance. It comes across like a top ...More

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