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    • Casamorati Dama Bianca by Xerjoff

      by scenting prey

      Linear malt and vanilla edged with some fruit. I’ll use up my 8 ml but not even close to a FB for me. Too sweet with the fragrance sort of disintegrating over a linear arc instead of develop through drydrown. Any worthy structure checks out about on...More

    • Black by Bulgari

      by Brooks Otterlake

      It's amusing that this was ever seen as radical, but early reviews treat Bvlgari Black as downright edgy. What it is is a sophisticated but modest rubbery, smoky, floral vanilla (with more artful blending in older bottles, but it never became unre...More

    • Ivoire (original) by Pierre Balmain

      by aquila_2009

      Like a garden in the tropics in high humidity, strong with hints of flowers.fantastic green chypre.reminiscent of the Chanel No.19. while the chanel is more sleek and polished, Ivoire is more bitter,rugged,sharp yet floral and has a tender...More

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