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    • Fleurs de Citronnier by Serge Lutens

      by rbaker

      A gorgeous fresh neroli is greeting me with a smile, which has some lemon blossom as well as hints of lemon fruits interwoven with it. After the citrus blast has weakened, a light and light filled tuberose develops, which expressed only a touch o...More

    • Hibiscus Palm by Aerin

      by Wingie

      Hibiscus Palm is a big, gorgeous, creamy, tropical floral. I don't get frangipani, but I do get ylang ylang and what smells like tuberose, and just a hint of coconut in the base. The coconut isn't enough to make this a suntan lotion-type scent, if yo...More

    • In Between by Urban Scents

      by Darvant

      A super sharp metallic smoky piquancy. Another "chiaroscuro" musky Urban Scent-creation with a "fluidy" metropolitan damp aura, urban algebraic solitude, Spartan geometric elegance, echoes of silence and minimalism in a wide shady...More

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