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    • Wild Country by Avon

      by JackTwist

      Avon – WILD COUNTRY (1967) After more than 1500 Basenotes reviews, I am coming here to my first for Avon, a house I never really took seriously up to this point in time. I totally agree with those who liken this to Canoe as they share nine notes (...More

    • Beautiful Day by Bath and Body Works

      by aquila_2009

      Imagine breakfast in bed when the sun peeks through the wind-blown curtains.It doesn't smell synthetic to me at all.just very clean and crisp.the opening is crisp apple juicy pear and peach but the dry down brings up the woody notes.all supported by ...More

    • Eau d'Hermès by Hermès

      by Redneck Perfumisto

      Pretty Dirty Shitty Purty Eau d'Her Mès she Set yer Nez free Classy Freshie Brassy Fleshy Saddle Subtle Buttly Scuttle Jekyll Hydin' Carriage Ridin' Mary Wanna Polly Gonna Terre d's Mama's Merdous Dramas Spra...More

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