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    • Baptême du Feu by Serge Lutens

      by rbaker

      A dark aroma of mandarin marmalade - with a touch of restrainedly chutney-like spicy zest - opens the beginning, with an underlying impression of a soft and creamy raisin bread also forthcoming here. Soon a touch of smokiness arises, a slightly ...More

    • Warek by Kajal Perfumes

      by purecaramel

      Initial blast presents to a note that hits my brain similar to the Ganja. My wife asks me if I've been smoking dope. Hah! Not since the early 70's. My poison has always been liquour. I have noticed this effect in other scents, specifically Chanel...More

    • Emporio Armani Stronger With You by Giorgio Armani

      by aquila_2009

      The best way to describe this scent is sweet, creamy gourmand deliciousness.girls love this fragrance.the scent feels casual,masculine, modern,spicy,sweetly aromatic,flirty,cuddly, warm,versatile and pleasant.the opening is aromatic and spicy with pi...More

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