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    • Oxford & Cambridge by Czech & Speake

      by rum

      Did someone say lavender? Yes! Lavender is actually a very common note in men's fragrances. As a fan of the fougere accord, I've been wearing scents containing lavender quite a lot - without even knowing it! It was never my intention to wear a lav...More

    • No. 88 by Czech & Speake

      by rum

      Despite No. 88's reputation as a "dark" scent (mostly a misconception due to its unique black bottle), No. 88 is a masterfully crafted floral-chypre with a fougere structure, that is both long-lasting and projects very well for the best par...More

    • Crescent Beach by Abbott

      by speedracer

      The scent of Crescent Beach is light, airy and smells of beachy florals that get added to suntan lotions. It reminds me of other scents that I associate with the smell of hairspray (think aqua net) or Tiare flower. Too light/airy and the flowers are...More

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