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    • Iris Torréfié by Guerlain

      by speedracer

      Pencil shavings opening followed by a dried fruit and makeup iris drydown. I like the opening very much but the drydown is too thick and heavy for me, so test the drydown before buying. Unisex? Sure but leans fem to me, especially in the drydown...More

    • Innovation by Jaguar

      by speedracer

      Masculine, mature, old-school scent. Not my thing but I've smelled other revered classic scents that this would compare to favorably, so could be an excellent value. Lots of spicy patchouli, woods and leather. It's not heavy or overly musky, jus...More

    • Evolution by Jaguar

      by speedracer

      Fresh, clean, and modern-masculine sweet. Has that shower gel top mixed with a woody amber base that you find in many men's scents today. Smells good and should be well-liked but very unoriginal. My biggest issue with this scent is the performan...More

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