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    • Angie by Rosie Jane Cosmetics

      by Sapphire5453

      A lovely gardenia soliflore (yes, more gardenia-like vs. tuberose). Unfortunately it didn’t last long at all which is why the neutral rating. ...More

    • Leila Lou by Rosie Jane Cosmetics

      by Sapphire5453

      Tried this with Rosie Jane’s Angie on the other arm. Initially loved the gardenia-drenched, lush Angie more (being a gardenia/tuberose die-hard) but it slid off my left arm pretty quickly. I kept finding myself returning to my right arm to inhale the...More

    • Miyako by Auphorie

      by thrilledchilled

      The beauty of this is that it feels totally natural. It smells like you are really smelling osmanthus and a garden of exotic fruits and flowers. But it's not overly floral in a perfumey way like, say, Arpege or Joy. These brothers have created a p...More

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