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    • Encre Noire by Lalique

      by SentSensei

      Dark deep and swirling vetiver and woods. I had put off trying any of the Encre Noir line but finally blind bought A L'Extreme and it was instant love at first sniff. I'm glad I started with the flanker because it compelled me to buy the other two(...More

    • Havana Reserva by Aramis

      by Varanis Ridari

      Aramis Havana Reserva (1996) is a fascinating flanker to the original Aramis Havana (1994), even if the differences between it and the original aren't great enough to really justify a purchase outside hardcore Havana lovers. The point of Havana Reser...More

    • Tuscany per Uomo Forte by Aramis

      by Varanis Ridari

      Aramis Tuscany per Uomo Forte (1994) was released the same year as Aramis Havana (1994), which seemed like a two-fold move meant as an apology for the fresh and modern Aramis New West (1988), that was clearly "unmanly" to the average Aramis...More

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