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    • Ormonde Woman by Ormonde Jayne

      by flathorn

      This was a favorite of mine based on samples and several decants. Then I was gifted a full spray bottle for my birthday, and I was disappointed from the first spray. Ormonde Woman is apparently one of those fragrances on me whose character changes de...More

    • Gentleman Eau de Parfum Boisée by Givenchy

      by Darvant

      Despite its final prominent synth peppery-cedary (and vaguely "gassy-leathery" a la Fan di Fendi Pour Homme) chemical woodiness (which is typical of dozens recent or relatively recent releases) I have to say to moderately appreciate this we...More

    • Tuscan Creations : Viola Essenziale by Salvatore Ferragamo

      by aquila_2009

      You don't need to scream to be heard.this is a genius fragrance, simple yet genius.makes you feel like you just stepped out of a elegant romantic feminine perfume.fantastically simple, yet demandingly alluring.i imagine young italian women wea...More

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