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    • Vétiver / Vetiver by Provence Santé

      by speedracer

      This is refined vetiver. Not sweet and more on the smokey side of vetiver, but this is clean, pleasant, professional, and very versatile for daytime wearings. Never loud, unless over-sprayed. However, it's not shy either and you can smell it throu...More

    • Eau Dynamisante by Clarins

      by Wild Gardener

      If red Vermouth were a perfume, it might smell like this. Dynamisante is red, citrus, herbal and spicy; but softer, mellowed by sweet and woody-powdery notes. It has a salubrious touch, which makes me think of muscle rub. And that means oil of w...More

    • Luna Rossa Carbon by Prada

      by StylinLA

      I've never worn Sauvage, so not sure about the similarity to that scent. I do like this one a lot. The lavender is nicely integrated and as Busyblind said, it conjures a shaving cream from the future. Really like this one. A nice daily kind of...More

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